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Liebherr - Our experience with a well-known manufacturer

We share our knowledge and present specific examples of our repairs of Liebherr engines and pumps. 

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Company founder and some historical facts

Liebherr has been present in the market since 1949, and as indicated by the company itself, its beginnings can be traced back to the invention of the first self-propelled tower crane. The founder of the company, Hans Liebherr, collaborated in the design of the device. For the then-small construction company in Kirchdorf, it was a milestone that directed its development from a family-owned construction company to a manufacturer of construction machinery and later on, one of the leading companies in the world. 

The further history of Liebherr includes the development of excavators, cranes, loaders, and articulated trucks. The company offers a wide range of machine types, from small wheeled excavators to powerful 800-tonne crawler excavators that cater to the needs of the mining industry. One of Hans Liebherr's significant technological achievements was the construction of the first hydraulic excavator in Europe. Another example of technological innovation is the design of a crane capable of moving on both roads and challenging terrains, dating back to 1977. 

Many more stages of the company's development could be presented, but this is not a historical essay. It is no wonder that the machines from this German manufacturer often constitute a significant part of the fleet of construction companies or are the only equipment in smaller establishments. 

Excavators, loaders, cranes, and bulldozers are particularly popular in Poland. To meet the growing needs for component replacement and machine service, we would like to present WIBAKO's extensive experience in working with Liebherr products.

Operation of construction machinery - key components and what you need to know about them

Internal combustion engine and its operation in a machine - example of a crawler excavator and engine overhaul

diesel engine Liebherr D904

The most popular construction equipment is undoubtedly the excavator. There is no doubt that on every construction site, you will see the specific structure with an arm and a bucket. Liebherr offers a wide range of equipment in this category, and repairing an engine from one of their excavators is a frequent case in our company as well.

The internal combustion engine in a crawler excavator, as well as in other types of construction equipment, is the primary power source for this type of machine. It provides the mechanical energy required for vehicle movement and drives various hydraulic and electrical systems. The internal combustion engines used in crawler excavators are usually diesel engines operating on the principle of burning diesel fuel.

They consist of multiple cylinders operating in a four-stroke cycle (intake, compression, power, exhaust). The size of the internal combustion engine in a crawler excavator depends on its dimensions and application. Here, we present an example of a typical engine overhaul extracted from one of the Liebherr excavators. Engine repair - example of Liebherr R 974 C crawler excavator 

Hydraulic system in construction machinery - a critical system and its heart, the hydraulic pump

It is difficult to imagine the smooth operation of individual machines without a hydraulic system. It is an essential element responsible for functions such as propulsion and steering, lifting heavy loads, and, in some cases, blade control in bulldozers, braking, and stabilization. Depending on the type of machine, this mechanism will be responsible for efficiently performing its dedicated tasks.

hydraulic pump drive

The principle of operation of this system involves the use of hydraulic oil. For example, in excavators, hydraulics are used for transmitting force and controlling various elements. Specifically, the hydraulic pump generates pressure to push hydraulic oil through the system. As a result of the appropriate valve settings, the fluid goes to hydraulic motors or cylinders.

The pressure exerted on these components causes them to extend or retract, resulting in the movement of a specific part of the excavator, such as the boom, arm, or bucket. A characteristic feature of Liebherr bulldozers is their fully hydrostatic drive. This means that the travel system is based on the principle of using the flow of hydraulic fluid to control speed and torque.

The design is based on the operation of two hydraulic pumps and two motors. Their operation is analogous, meaning that the hydraulic pump draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and transfers it to the hydraulic motor, which then powers the wheels or tracks of the bulldozer. The use of hydrostatic drive ensures precise control of machine movement, high efficiency, and the ability to work in unfavorable terrain conditions.

The German manufacturer has been continuously involved in the construction of this type of machinery since 1954 and constantly develops the capabilities of hydrostatic drive.

At WIBAKO, we specialize in comprehensive repairs of hydraulic pumps and motors. Our experts have many years of experience in working with hydraulic components and have access to professional tools that enable their repair and servicing. Thanks to these advantages, we have successfully completed many repairs and satisfied our customers. Here, we present a specific case of such a repair using a Liebherr pump. 

Wear of components and parts in construction equipment - what to pay attention to during operation?
housing of the fuel filter

The natural consequence of using any equipment is wear and tear. The heavy work to which a vehicle is subjected often results in the wear-out of some components, large or small.

Among the many elements of our machines, those that should be subject to particular observation and maintenance are all types of filters, as they ensure the maintenance of proper machine performance and contribute to its extended service life.

Other components that should be monitored include drive belts, which are subjected to continuous tension and load, felts and seals (subject to wear and deformation, which can lead to hydraulic oil leaks), and bearings, which are key components in construction machinery - they bear loads and enable rotary motion.

Brake discs and pads should also be attended to. It is essential to monitor the hydraulic pump and any signs of improper operation, such as power loss, oil leaks, increased oil temperature, noise, and vibrations.

Problems with the internal combustion engine can manifest in various ways - ignition issues, power drops, oil and fluid leaks, increased fuel consumption, or uneven engine operation. These should serve as warning signals for users that something is not right. If the equipment has already experienced a failure, and we are aware of which system is not working, or even better, which specific component, it is helpful to consult the manufacturer's technical documentation and find out the identification number of the part or look for the nameplate directly on it. With this knowledge, we can expedite the diagnosis and complete the necessary repairs more quickly, avoiding unnecessary downtime for the machine.

We focus on customer needs

Based on the experiences of WIBAKO's customer advisors and service technicians, we can state that parts for Liebherr machines are the most popular in our offer. To meet this demand, we maintain a large stock of products from this brand - used, new, and regenerated. We constantly expand our inventory and strive to meet customer requirements. That is why our website has a dedicated section for components for Liebherr excavators, loaders, and bulldozers. Depending on the type of machine, our advisors provide professional assistance in identifying the required component.

Finally, we would like to remind you that regular inspections and compliance with manufacturer's recommendations are essential for ensuring the efficient and trouble-free operation of the machine.

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Koparka gąsienicowa Liebherr 904 Litronic
Koparka gąsienicowa Liebherr 904 Litronic
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Liebherr 924 Litronic
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Spycharka Liebherr 741
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Ładowarka Liebherr L551