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In our offer there are services for the verification and repair of Deutz, Cummins and Perkins engines, and hydraulic pumps and motorsusedin construction. With years of experiencein the industrycanboast ofqualified personnel,providing servicesin a professional manner.

Due to the increasing requirements for specialized separate the two separate workshops. One dealing with the subject of internal combustion engines, the second - hydraulic components (pumps and hydraulic motors).

The base of good repair is a thorough verification.

We try to ensure that our services meet the highest standards. Due to the fact that for each component the conditions in which he worked - and thus - their condition can vary drastically every item that is accepted for repair or sale must also be verified. Only after checking the technical condition of a component, we are able to provide information on the possible repair costs.



Brands of construction machines that we serve:


Machines in which we specialize:

  • Atlas
  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • Liebherr
  • Volvo
  • Zepellin
  • O&K
  • Fuchs
  • Furukawa
  • Zettlemeyer
  • Crawler excavators
  • Wheel excavators
  • Loaders
  • Dozers







Construction machinery, due to their intensive use, require frequent service. It also happens that the machine crashes at the least expected moment, ie in the middle of the work. This is very troublesome for an entrepreneur who has to arrange for the machine to be transported to a fixed service and bear high costs. The solution to this problem is the mobile service WIBAKO, which will reach the indicated place and will even carry out advanced repair.

What is the service?

We have been offering mobile service for 4 years. At the beginning, we focused on trips to replace components such as hydraulic pumps and internal combustion engines. Over time, however, more and more inquiries began to arise regarding more comprehensive service. We have responded to market demand and expanded our offer.

Of course, the foundations of the mobile service are experienced mechanics and diagnosticians who have high skills in detecting and removing even serious faults. The teams were selected in such a way as to be able to carry out on-site repairs, with the guarantee of professionalism and professional assembly / disassembly of the components. We are constantly investing in the development of service engineers.

What do we offer within the mobile service?

At present, we have three completely equipped service vehicles with accessories which are suitable for handling various types of applications. From routine maintenance, such as replacing fluids and filters, by replacing components, after repair at the construction site.

We offer the service of the external assembly and dismantling of pumps and hydraulic and diesel engines, warranty service of assembled components, verification of damage to the machine, as well as inspection service, ie checking the condition of the machine on site.

Why is it worth it?

The WIBAKO mobile service is designed for one purpose: to give owners and machine users significant savings in time and money. Thanks to the fact that we are able to carry out most maintenance work even on the construction site, there is no need to organize costly transport of the machine to the fixed service.

Our experts guarantee a fast replacement of the components, which always end up checking their correct operation and possible adjustment. The servicers also control the condition of the fluids and filters to ensure that the machine is capable of further operation.

Using the WIBAKO mobile service, the entrepreneur is confident that his machine is of professional skill, not of mechanics who often lack the knowledge, skills and equipment to carry out professional repairs.

In addition, services provided by the mobile service are covered by our warranty. Entrepreneur can sleep peacefully because he knows that if needed we will arrive at the place in the shortest possible time. 


Wibako engines runs on machines all over the world from Australia via Malaysia, Russia, Africa, Middle East and the whole Europe to the USA and Brazil.

No matter where you are ... contact us and we will do our best to help you solve your problem!


Among other things, we reconditioned

  • Distributor Komatsu PC290LC-6K CAA50471
  • Distributor Rexroth M8-1049-00/7M8-22
  • Drive motor Komatsu A6VM120HAXT/63W-VZB380A-ESK R902090148
  • Drive pedal and joystick Atlas 1604
  • Drive pump Rexroth A4VG40HWD2/32L-PZC02F043S
  • Engine Caterpillar 3304
  • Engine Caterpillar C13
  • Engine Caterpillar C18
  • Engine Cummins 4BTA-3.9 CPL8039
  • Engine Cummins 4BTA3.9 CPL2351
  • Engine Cummins N14C-360 CPL2038
  • Engine Cummins QSB6.7 CPL427
  • Engine Deutz BF6M1015C
  • Engine Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 CPL3599
  • Engine Liebherr D924 TI-E A2 9075324
  • Engine Liebherr D926 TI-E A5 9076611
  • Engine Liebherr D936 A7 DPF
  • Engine Liebherr D9408 TI A3 9278571
  • Engine Perkins 1006-6T YB
  • Final drive Liebherr R924 350P022
  • Final drive Liebherr R924B HDSL
  • Final drive Liebherr R934BHDSLI FAT400P063
  • Gear motor Bosch 0511445003 1517221095
  • Gearbox/Transmission Volvo PT1862 VKK00110622
  • Hydraulic motor Bomag 05817007 507907
  • Hydraulic motor Caterpillar 271-3711-02 23316352
  • Hydraulic motor Hydromatik A10FE28 /52L-VCF10N000 R902415753
  • Hydraulic motor Kayaba MSF-85P 650041 1T852070140
  • Hydraulic motor Kayaba MSF-85P-7 790007 1T85207013
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr 10289235
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr FMF064 9273188-003
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr FMV075 9073978
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr FMV075 9073980
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr FMV100 9882757-102
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr LMV100 9073809
  • Hydraulic motor Liebherr LMV140 98897777
  • Hydraulic motor Linde BMV186
  • Hydraulic motor Linde BMV186 H2X208K01928
  • Hydraulic motor Linde HMF-02 H2X293P 03656
  • Hydraulic motor Linde HMF75-02
  • Hydraulic motor Linde HMF75-02 H2X293N 00505
  • Hydraulic motor Linde MMF43 520A030372
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth A2FM16/61W-VA 9411111
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth A6VM140DA2/63W-VZB017HB R902054375
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth A6VM80DA5/63W-VZB0100HB R902214568
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth A6VM80HA1T/60W0262-PZB020A-S
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth A6VM??
  • Hydraulic motor Terex HMF105-02 HYX294E02076
  • Hydraulic motor Voac F12-110-MF-CH-X-102 37988706
  • Hydraulic motor Voac T12-060 01, 02
  • Hydraulic motor Voac T12-060 03
  • Hydraulic motor Volvo M5X130CHB-10A-30A/270-122 14521451
  • Hydraulic motors Linde BMV105 2068030384
  • Hydraulic pump Caterpillar A11VO130LG2S-10R-NZGXXK80-S R909606208
  • Hydraulic pump Caterpillar AA4VG56DWDT1/32R-PZCXXF003D-S R909613375
  • Hydraulic pump Caterpillar SBS120 AD37919
  • Hydraulic pump Eaton 704223LBP J9608173D 11061557
  • Hydraulic pump Eaton 70423 RCF J9608173D 11061558
  • Hydraulic pump Eaton 70423LBP J9608173D 11061557
  • Hydraulic pump Eaton/Sauer 004621-177 0689025340
  • Hydraulic pump Hitachi HPV145H-28A 9256101
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatic A4V56MS10L0C5010-S9446726 4513090
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik 853364 564/39
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO71DFR/31L-PSC12N00-SO833 R910991115
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A11VO190LE2S2/11R-NZG12N00P-S R902228065
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A11VO75LG1D/10L-NZD12N00-S R902010483
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A11VO95LG1/10L-NZD12N00-S R902010487
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A2FM16/61W-PAB03
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4V250DA2.0L1O1E1A-S R909418177
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4V90DA1.0L0O1A1A R909423232
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG56DWDM1/32L-NZX02F013F-S R902044328
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A7VO160LRD/60L-PZB01 / 5715310
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A7VO160LRD/61L-PZB01 R909428486
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A8VO55SR/60R1-NZG05N00 R909411423
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A8VO55SRH2/60R1-PZG05K46 R909438444
  • Hydraulic pump Hyundai K5V200DPH1D7R-ZS14-1V 08412696
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K3V112DT-1PQR-6N19 00103181
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K3V112DT-1XER-9N24-2 9Y294140
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K3V180DTP100R-9N5A-A KTJ2030
  • Hydraulic pump Komatsu 708-1G-11510 DRC50284
  • Hydraulic pump Komatsu PC340LC-7K 708-2G-11220
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr 5716827
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr 5716915 2063230
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr DPVO165 10123640-401
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr DPVO165 10124329A-102
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPV130 9076340-002
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD107 9072627
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD107 9076756-000
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD125 9072110
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD125 9277728-004
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD150 9080214
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD45 9266023
  • Hydraulic pump Linde BPV100-01L 515E100 443
  • Hydraulic pump Linde BPV100L 515J020 107
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR 160/160
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR100
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR135??
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR160/160
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR165
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR165D-02R H2X273B00712
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR165D-02R HYX273E00029
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPR90R 254B100056
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPV105-02R H2X264T01341
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A A10V O 45 DFLR/31R-PSC12N00 ESO991 R902433526
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A A10V O 45 DFR1/52L-VRC12K04 -SO407 R910974737
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A A10V O 45 DFR1/52L-VSC11N00 -SO407 R910974797
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO45DFLR/31R-PSC12K01 R902444470
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO45DFR/31L-PSC62N00-SO97
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VO145LRS/11R-NZG12N00 R902220229
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VO60LRDC/10R-NZC12K61 R902000935
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VO60LRDC/10R-NZC12N00 R902000931
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VO95+A10VO45 R902012959
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VO95LG1/10L-NZD12K82-S R902010486
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A18VO107
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A4VG56DA1D8/32R-NZC02F025SH-S R902159335
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A4VG71DWD1/32L-NZF02F021F-S R902104003
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth AA11VO130LG2S/10R-NZGXXK80-S R909609272
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth AE A4VSO 125 R902444069
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth AL A10V O 28ED 72/52R-VSC12N00T -S2377 R902419155
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth AL A10V O 71 DFR1/31R-VSC12K07 -SO651 R902403436
  • Hydraulic pump Sauer M46-20530 3600290
  • Hydraulic pump Sauer SPV22-1071-29873
  • Hydraulic pump Volvo AL A10V O 60 DFR1/52L-VSD11N00 -S1396 R902418814
  • Hydraulic pump Volvo K5V140DT-151R-9N29-AHV 14531594
  • Main pump Hydromatik A11VO190LE2S2/11R-NZG12N00P-S R902108399
  • Main pump Hydromatik A4VG71DA1D8/32R-NZF02F071L-S R902055368
  • Main pump Hydromatik A8VO107LA1H2/63R1-NZG05F070 R902086559
  • Orbitrol ZF 8476955663 0071890190
  • Pompa hydaruliczna Liebherr AT-LPVD107 9076756B
  • Pompa zębata 1x1/2x3 Bosch 0510515006/0510566308
  • Pump reducer (distributor gear) Liebherr MKA350B024 9882876
  • Pump reducer (distributor gear) Liebherr MKA350B073 9080168
  • Pump reducer (distributor gear) Liebherr PVG250/262 9266446-005
  • Reducer Liebherr PVG350 B 381 9269960-009
  • Swing gear Atlas 1304/1404
  • Swing gear Liebherr SAT275/222 9443065
  • Swing gear Liebherr SAT275/238 968866474
  • Swing pump Caterpillar AA4VG40DWD1/32R-NZCXXF003D-S R902007731
  • Swing pump Caterpillar AA4VG56
  • Swing pump Hydromatik A4VG56DE4DT1/32R-NSC02F003SXT-S R902085820
  • Valves set Wabco 4773970070 2597
  • Valves set ZF 7730900118