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The O&K company established on April 1, 1876, whose founders were Benno Orenstein and Arthur Koppel, can boast a rich history, and the name of the company comes from the first letters of their surnames. In the initial period of its activity, the company mainly dealt with the production of rolling stock, over time, the list of products was added to, among others, various construction machines (mainly excavators, loaders, graders, dump trucks, forklifts), tractors, compressors, machine parts, escalator systems and many others. The success of O&K was due to the fact that the locomotives and wagons produced by the company had a good reputation from the very beginning, especially of enterprises carrying out all kinds of construction works. Building on these successes, O&K produced the first excavator in 1908, which weighed 64 tons. A dozen or so years after this event, a pioneering tracked excavator was constructed.

Development of the O&K company

The systematic and successful development of the company took several dozen years. At the end of the 1980s, O&K acquired a majority stake in the German company Faun, a respected manufacturer of construction machinery and parts. With this transaction, however, O&K problems began, and the company was forced to sell some shares to many entities. In 1997, the American concern Terex took over the factories producing hydraulic excavators, and a year later a large part of the production of construction equipment was transferred to the CNH (Case-New Holland) group.

Despite the fact that the O&K company has been practically non-existent for many years, its products are still very popular and can be found on construction sites in many parts of the world. The company's flagship products are primarily excavators, valued primarily for their longevity. It was from O&K factories that the cult model of the RH 400 excavator, which was then considered the largest machine of this type in the world (980 tons of operating weight; engine with a capacity of 4,400 HP), left.

A wide range of O&K parts

We offer our clients a wide range of O&K parts at competitive prices and relatively short delivery times. Our sales advisors have the necessary experience, thanks to which they can quickly and accurately recognize the client's needs. The Wibako company has been successfully servicing and repairing construction machinery for several decades, and thanks to the diversified sources of sourcing parts for construction machinery, we are able to present an offer for almost every inquiry. We approach each client individually and make every effort to help him. We strongly believe that thanks to the reliability and professionalism, the group of people satisfied with our services will constantly increase.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form or directly by calling: +48 33 870 42 00, and our consultant will try to help!


Compressor Knorr LK1500 I-77107
for renovation

Knorr LK1500 I-77107

Wheel excavator O&K MH CITY

no image


Grader O&K F106A

400 PLN

Coupling O&K 24/50/260

O&K 24/50/260

Track (Crawler) excavator O&k RH8

Coupling O&K 24/50/315

O&K 24/50/315

Track (Crawler) excavator O&k RH8

Coupling O&K E101033

O&K E101033

Wheel excavator O&K MH2.10

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