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Parts for CAT Caterpillar


Are you looking for proven parts for CATERPILLAR construction machinery? If so, see our offer of new and used parts for construction machinery from this manufacturer.
The largest supplier of construction equipment in the world is Caterpillar, a company founded in 1925 from the merger of Holt Manufacturing Company with Stockton and C. L. Best Gas Tractor Company from San Leandro. The company is headquartered in the United States, Illinois. Caterpillar is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company's history from the very beginning was marked by many successes, such as the construction of the first gasoline tracked tractor. During the First World War, especially the Second World War, they provided military equipment, which naturally contributed to the development of the company.

Caterpillar as an industry leader

The strength of the company can be proved by the following facts: the number of permanent employees reaching almost one hundred thousand, factories (CAT has over 100 in total) located on almost all continents and the standards set by products with the CAT logo, which, in common opinion, are treated as premium goods . When buying Caterpillar products and parts, reliability, quality and durability are the key factors

A wide range of CAT machines and parts

The Caterpillar product range includes a wide range of construction and mining machinery, diesel engines, gas turbines, electric / diesel locomotives and machine parts. The American giant is not limited to the construction industry, but also provides a wide range of financial services (Caterpillar Financial Services), and sells production licenses, among others phones, clothing, footwear, watches, bearing the CAT or Caterpillar logo. The company provides services to both private and government entities. The company's portfolio also includes products from other companies such as Anchor, Hypac, Perkins and Kemper.
Almost 60% of sales come from outside the United States. The company has a network of over 220 dealers who are independent entities and assigned to specific geographic areas. Dealers' tasks include the sale, rental, repair and maintenance of equipment bearing the CAT logo.

Caterpillar environmental activities

For many years, Caterpillar has placed great emphasis on environmental protection and activities related to it. In 1995, the Caterpillar Foundation was established with the main goal of achieving sustainable development through systematic work to protect and preserve the natural environment, the widest possible access to education, and meeting the most important human needs. In 2005, the company donated $ 12 million to efforts to protect and maintain river systems in China, Brazil and the US.
From the very beginning of WIBAKO's existence, we have been trying to keep up with the times and thus we understand perfectly well that in order to be competitive, we must offer as many Caterpillar products as possible. We can offer our clients both new and used parts. We have many years of experience in servicing and repairing construction equipment of the American giant.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form or directly by calling: +48 33 870 42 00, and our consultant will try to help!

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Caterpillar C18

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