We kindly inform you that on 15.08.2020 the company will be CLOSED.

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Hydraulic pump and motors repair


Hydraulic pump and motors repair

Hydraulics at WIBAKO primarily: hydraulic pumps, motors (drive, swing), actuators (cylinders) and valves,orbitrol etc. Our company works only with the original hydraulic components from the dismantling of good, efficientmachines. Thanks to this all the parameters of the machine remain unchanged. After removing from the machinehydraulics are reviewed in terms of efficiency and possible repairs. Hydraulic pumps and motors are opened before testing for the diagnosis of individual components. Repairs, if required we only use original parts. To paint we useonly high quality paints. If the item is on the stage of checking the possible renovation is paintedmarked with thenumber of storage and maintenance is putted in a heated warehouse so as to retain its parameters until the sale.

Each hydraulic element offered by us is expertly prepared

Our sales representatives have extensive knowledge of the parts and their uses and professionally advise you inchoosing the right parts for your machine.