In our offer there are services for the verification and repair of Deutz, Cummins and Perkins engines, and hydraulic pumps and motorsusedin construction. With years of experiencein the industrycanboast ofqualified personnel,providing servicesin a professional manner.

Due to the increasing requirements for specialized separate the two separate workshops. One dealing with the subject of internal combustion engines, the second - hydraulic components (pumps and hydraulic motors).

The base of good repair is a thorough verification.

We try to ensure that our services meet the highest standards. Due to the fact that for each component the conditions in which he worked - and thus - their condition can vary drastically every item that is accepted for repair or sale must also be verified. Only after checking the technical condition of a component, we are able to provide information on the possible repair costs.



Brands of construction machines that we serve:


Machines in which we specialize:

  • Atlas
  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • Liebherr
  • Volvo
  • Zepellin
  • O&K
  • Fuchs
  • Furukawa
  • Zettlemeyer
  • Crawler excavators
  • Wheel excavators
  • Loaders
  • Dozers





Diesel engines repair

WIBAKO Company for over 20 years deal in sales of diesel enginesAt the beginning they were mostly removedfrom the trucks, buses, etc. Currently, we specialize in selling used engines (and more often new) working withconstruction equipment such as excavators, loaders and bulldozersSo if you have any problem with Diesel engine, please contact us and we will do our best to solve problem and allow machine work again without pointless brakes in work.

Each used unit offered by our company is after maintance and checked twice - once when we get engine - the second time - before the sale itself.

Engine are tested in special workshop where all impotant test like compressions, oil pressure etc are checked, soyou can be sure your purchase. In this way, with all the responsibility we present to you the actual condition of theengine. The main advantage of used engines sold in WIBAKO - apart from the availability in stock and professionaltechnical assessment of the price-which successfully competes with engines avaliable on international market.Wibako diesel engines works already on machines all over the world from Australia, via Malaysia and whole Asia,Europe, Africa to the United States and Brazil. When transporting, engines are packed on pallets specifically designed to minimize the risk of damage during transportation of the goods whenever those suppoused to be send.

Most common brands in offer: Deutz, Cummins, Perkins, Caterpillar, Liebherr Hanomag, Komatsu, Case, Isuzu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Fiat Iveco, Detroit Diesel, Daewoo, Kubota, International Harvester, Leyland, UTB, ZTS, Steyr, Man etc.

We invite you to check our range of parts and machines. By using the search engine or products made available on the menu. 

Hydraulic pump and motors repair

Hydraulics at WIBAKO primarily: hydraulic pumps, motors (drive, swing), actuators (cylinders) and valves,orbitrol etc. Our company works only with the original hydraulic components from the dismantling of good, efficientmachines. Thanks to this all the parameters of the machine remain unchanged. After removing from the machinehydraulics are reviewed in terms of efficiency and possible repairs. Hydraulic pumps and motors are opened before testing for the diagnosis of individual components. Repairs, if required we only use original parts. To paint we useonly high quality paints. If the item is on the stage of checking the possible renovation is paintedmarked with thenumber of storage and maintenance is putted in a heated warehouse so as to retain its parameters until the sale.

Each hydraulic element offered by us is expertly prepared

Our sales representatives have extensive knowledge of the parts and their uses and professionally advise you inchoosing the right parts for your machine.


Construction machinery, due to their intensive use, require frequent service. It also happens that the machine crashes at the least expected moment, ie in the middle of the work. This is very troublesome for an entrepreneur who has to arrange for the machine to be transported to a fixed service and bear high costs. The solution to this problem is the mobile service WIBAKO, which will reach the indicated place and will even carry out advanced repair.

What is the service?

We have been offering mobile service for 4 years. At the beginning, we focused on trips to replace components such as hydraulic pumps and internal combustion engines. Over time, however, more and more inquiries began to arise regarding more comprehensive service. We have responded to market demand and expanded our offer.

Of course, the foundations of the mobile service are experienced mechanics and diagnosticians who have high skills in detecting and removing even serious faults. The teams were selected in such a way as to be able to carry out on-site repairs, with the guarantee of professionalism and professional assembly / disassembly of the components. We are constantly investing in the development of service engineers.

What do we offer within the mobile service?

At present, we have three completely equipped service vehicles with accessories which are suitable for handling various types of applications. From routine maintenance, such as replacing fluids and filters, by replacing components, after repair at the construction site.

We offer the service of the external assembly and dismantling of pumps and hydraulic and diesel engines, warranty service of assembled components, verification of damage to the machine, as well as inspection service, ie checking the condition of the machine on site.

Why is it worth it?

The WIBAKO mobile service is designed for one purpose: to give owners and machine users significant savings in time and money. Thanks to the fact that we are able to carry out most maintenance work even on the construction site, there is no need to organize costly transport of the machine to the fixed service.

Our experts guarantee a fast replacement of the components, which always end up checking their correct operation and possible adjustment. The servicers also control the condition of the fluids and filters to ensure that the machine is capable of further operation.

Using the WIBAKO mobile service, the entrepreneur is confident that his machine is of professional skill, not of mechanics who often lack the knowledge, skills and equipment to carry out professional repairs.

In addition, services provided by the mobile service are covered by our warranty. Entrepreneur can sleep peacefully because he knows that if needed we will arrive at the place in the shortest possible time. 


Wibako engines runs on machines all over the world from Australia via Malaysia, Russia, Africa, Middle East and the whole Europe to the USA and Brazil.

No matter where you are ... contact us and we will do our best to help you solve your problem!

Stars shows the locations of which our components already work!


Among other things, we reconditioned

  • Control valve Komatsu 723-57-16100
  • Cylinder Liebherr R964 9307490
  • Drive motor Hydromatik A6VM55/60
  • Drive motor Hydromatik A6VM80DA2/63W-VABXX7CB-S R902042417
  • Drive motor Hydromatik A6VM80HA1R1/63W-VZB017TA R902057485
  • Drive motor JCB 51D110 20/208300
  • Drive motor Liebherr FMV100
  • Drive motor Linde BMR105
  • Drive motor Linde BMV105
  • Drive motor Linde BMV140
  • Drive motor Linde HMR135-02
  • Drive motor Linde HMV55
  • Drive motor Rexroth A6VM140HAXT/63W-VZB380A-ESK R902075181
  • Drive motor Sauer 51D080-1-AD2N T1D1 NNX1 NNN 020AANN-0029 80006223
  • Drive motor Sauer 51D110 AD4NJ1K2CEH4NNN038AA181918
  • Engine Caterpillar C4.4 354-7363
  • Engine Cummins QSB5.9
  • Engine Deutz BF4L1011F
  • Engine Deutz BF6L913
  • Engine Iveco F4GE9684E
  • Engine Liebherr D 914 TI
  • Engine Volvo D12D LAE3
  • Engine Volvo TD122
  • Engine Weichai WD10G22E23
  • Hydraulic cylinder Liebherr R934 9956411
  • Hydraulic motor Caterpillar 123-8957
  • Hydraulic motor Char-Lynn 119-1029-003
  • Hydraulic motor Hydromatik A6VM107DA/60W-PZB020B
  • Hydraulic motor Parker F11-010-SB-CS-K-000-000-0 3796560
  • Hydraulic motor Parker F11-019-SB-CS-K-000-MVR-0 3787734
  • Hydraulic motor Parker F12-030-MF-IV-D-000 3792684
  • Hydraulic motor Parker V12-110-A-IH-0-000-0-0-110/026-F0H01I-200/000 3798631
  • Hydraulic motor Parker V14-110-IVD-EOH3N-P400-N-00-11 3787834
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth A6VE55HZ3/63W-VZL020B R909605817
  • Hydraulic motor Rexroth AA2FM63/61W-VTDXXX-S R902117913
  • Hydraulic motor Sauer Danfoss M46MF
  • Hydraulic motor Sauer Danfoss OMV315 151B3100
  • Hydraulic pump Caterpillar 284-5884
  • Hydraulic pump Caterpillar 284-5885
  • Hydraulic pump Hitachi HPK170BS RH40LG
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatic A10VO28DFLR/30R-PSC12NOO-S0185
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO28 DR/52R-VSC12N00 15020179
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO45DFLR/31R-PSC12N00 -SO681 R910989715
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO60 DFR1/52L-VUC11N00 15079594
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO60 DFR1/52R-VWC12K68 15020177
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO63 EK2DS/53L-VUC11N00P 11197051
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO71 FHD/31R-PSC12K02
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO71DFLR/31R-PSC62N00-SO507
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO74DFLR/31R-VSC12H00T -S1878 R902436775
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A10VO74DFLR/31R-VSC12N00 R910994749
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A11VO95LRD/10R-NZD12N00 R909613615
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4V250DA2.0L1O1E1A-S R909418177
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4V71DA2.0R1O1B1O R909433550
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG28XX/30R
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG56DA1D2/32R-NAC02F025ST-S R902053702
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG56DA1D8/32R-NZC02F015SH-S R902055175
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG56DA1D8/32R-NZC02F025SH-S R902072793
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG56EP2D1/32L-NAC02F003D R902019879
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG71DA1D4/31R-NZF02F021D R909446956
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG71HD3DT1/32L-NZF02F041D
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VG90HD3DT1/32L-NZF02F041D R902122828
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A4VTG90EP2/32R-NLD10F011SGT-S R902066730
  • Hydraulic pump Hydromatik A7VO160LRD/61L-NZB01 R909446330
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-1B
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K3V112DT-1XER-9N2A-2
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K3V63DTP-169R-9N2B-A
  • Hydraulic pump Kawasaki K5V200DPH1DBR-ZS24-V
  • Hydraulic pump Komatsu 708-2L-00065
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr A4VG90EZ2/32+A4VG90EZ2/32 R902198389
  • Hydraulic pump Liebherr LPVD100 9270041
  • Hydraulic pump Linde BPV35
  • Hydraulic pump Linde HPV75-02R
  • Hydraulic pump Parker F11-019-IB-C-CN-K-000 3703517
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO28ED72/52R-VSC12K68T-S1694 R902415267
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO28ED72/52R-VSC12N00P -S1948 R902449687
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO28ED72/52R-VSC12N00T-S1318 R902415120
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO45ED72/52R-VSC12K68P -S2381 R902449454
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A10VO74DFLR/31R-PSC12N00 R902419167
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VO190EP2S/11R-NSD12K17H-ES R902136248
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth A4VG40DA1D2/32R-NAC02F015S-S R909601629
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth AA4VG56DA1D2/32R-NSCXXFXX5DC-S R902053715
  • Hydraulic pump Rexroth AA4VG56DA1D8/32R-NTC52F025DQ-S R902087400
  • Hydraulic pump Sauer 90R055 ZDD5C6417C6C95TFA
  • Hydraulic pump Sauer Danfoss MPV046CBBBSBBAAGABHHDBAHHCNNN
  • Hydraulic pump Uchida Hydromatik A8V172ESBR
  • Hydraulic pump Volvo 11190766
  • Main pump Doosan K3V112DT K1000698E
  • Main pump Doosan K5V140 K1006550B
  • Main pump Hitachi HPV118HW-25A
  • Main pump Hydromatic A4VO130/A4FO28/LCDS R909434373
  • Main pump Hydromatik A11VO130 LG1/10L-NZD12K83-S
  • Main pump Hydromatik A11VO130 LG1/10L-NZD12N00-S
  • Main pump Hydromatik A11VO145LRS/11R-NZG12N00-S R902064887
  • Main pump Hydromatik A11VO190LE2S2/11R-NZG12N00P-S R902108399
  • Main pump Hydromatik A8VO107LA1KH2/63R1-NZG05F014 R902101867
  • Main pump Hydromatik A8VO160LA1H2/60R1-NZG05K82 R902014002
  • Main pump Hydromatik A8VO80LG1DS/60R-NZG05K02 R909603685
  • Main pump Hydromatik A8VO80LR3H2/60R1-PZG05K30
  • Main pump Hydromatik AA11VO145LG2S/11R-NZGXXK80R-S
  • Main pump Kawasaki K3V112DT-1G4R-9C12-1 KRJ4573
  • Main pump Kawasaki K3V112DT-1XDR-9N24
  • Main pump Kawasaki K3V112DTP-1F9R-9Y14-HV
  • Main pump Kawasaki K3V112DTP-1M9R-9C79 +F/P 215/13686
  • Main pump Kawasaki K3V112DTP-1M9R-9CA9+F
  • Main pump Kawasaki K5V140DTP162R-9N0A
  • Main pump Kawasaki K5V200DPH-1BDR-9TAW-V
  • Main pump Kawasaki K5V200DPH1C5R-9S04
  • Main pump Liebherr LPVD125 9072110
  • Main pump Liebherr LPVD45
  • Main pump Linde BPV100L
  • Main pump Linde HPR100
  • Main pump Linde HPR130R
  • Main pump Linde HPR135-02R E1LP
  • Main pump Linde HPR75 R
  • Main pump O&K A8VO80LR3H2/60R1-PZG05K14 R909429249
  • Main pump Rexroth A8VO200LA1KH1/63R1-NSG05F00X-S R902060173
  • Main pump Toshiba PVC110110R1NS011-YP14R-YP14L
  • Przekładnia napędu betonogruszki ZF PLM-9 4108021100
  • Rozdzielacz jazdy Caterpillar 124-6916
  • Swing gear Caterpillar 152-7375
  • Swing motor Caterpillar 152-7374-01
  • Swing motor Caterpillar 165-9336
  • Swing motor Caterpillar 165-9337
  • Swing motor Kawasaki M2X120B-CHB-11A-12/235 116-3550
  • Swing motor Komatsu 706-7G-01040
  • Swing motor Komatsu 706-7K-01040
  • Swing motor Liebherr FMF045 9075181
  • Swing motor Shibaura MFC160-39D
  • Swing pump Hydromatik A11VO95LG1D/10L-NZD12N00-S R902010489
  • Swing pump Hydromatik A4V40MS1.0R0O2O1O-S R909437929