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Recondition of engine Liebherr D 936L A7 DPF

Our workshop has reconstructed the incomplete Liebherr D 936L A7 DPF engine comes from the Liebherr L566 wheel loader.

The engine overhaul included the replacement of bushings, pistons and rings, as well as a set of main bushings, bushings and connecting rod bushings.
Engine cooling system received a regenerated water pump and new thermostats.
The accessory drive system was already heavily worn, which made it necessary to replace all idler rollers and the belt tensioner.
The camshaft bearings in the engine block have been replaced and the camshaft itself has been regenerated.
The fuel system apeared to be in quite good condition and required nothing but parameter control.
During the regeneration of the heads, while leak test, it turned out that one of them was leaky, due to the large number of spare parts, we could immediately replace it with another, functional one.
Moreover, the following parts were regenerated: crankshaft, connecting rods, turbochargers, alternator and starter. At last motor got a complete engine seals, filters set.
After engine assembly the unit was tested on our test bench for running and proper work.

Kinga Wata

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