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Recondition of the Caterpillar 3306 DI engine

We have rabuild in our workshop diesel engine Caterpillar 3306 DI that comes from the crusher.

Due to the extreme wear of the engine block, crankshaft and several connecting rods, the renovation began with the preparation of appropriate spare parts. After completing the main components, we were ready to the renovation, which included, among others, replacement of the main bearings, bushings and connecting rod bushings, as well as cylinder liners and pistons with rings. The camshaft bearings, due to the signs of wear, have been replaced - at the same time providing the appropriate working conditions for the new camshaft. The timing system, apart from the new shaft, received new tappets and a set of timing gears bushings. New injectors were installed in the fuel system and the injection pump was regenerated. The engine cooling system get a new water pump and thermostat. The worn oil pump was also replaced with a new one. The cylinder head required renovation, and after a leak test and full machining, it was equipped with a full set of new guides, springs and valves.

Moreover, the following parts were regenerated: crankshaft, connecting rods, turbocharger, alternator and starter.

Finally, motor got a complete engine seals, filters set.

After engine assembly the unit was tested on our test bench for runing and proper work.

Because of customer requirements We have made a fully automatic system that will prevent the engine for damage, among others due low oil pressure or overheating.

Agnieszka Kostka

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